Saturday, December 04, 2010

More than a Silly Girl on a Simple Blog

Things that you should know about me:

1. I'm extremely laid back
2. I'm comfortable being myself
3. I try to put others first
4. I'm flawed. I mess up.

And some other things that aren't so obvious...

1. I sometimes hide some of my identifying traits under layers of clumsiness, awkward smiles and jesting, stupid sayings, and sarcastic comments. While I might seem a bit dizty, I do have a thoughtful side that likes to think and debate and have intellectual and deep conversation.
2. I often find myself with feelings that I want to talk about, but I don't like to bring them up or let anyone know what I am feeling in fear the conversation will be shut down or ignored.
3. I smile to try and make sure people believe in optimism and hope, and I sometimes have to force the smile and put on a convincing act that nothing is ever wrong.
4. I want to feel like I mean something special to someone in some way. I want to know that I have made an impact in their life, and I have done something to improve them. I want to know if the little things I do actually make someone's day a little better.

And what I wouldn't give to know someone out there feels the same. I feel alone sometimes, but it's not possible that I could honestly be alone. I just don't understand why everyone feels they have to hide who they are or how they really feel. I want to know there are people out there who feel the same.

While there is much more too me, this is just a small picture of who I am on a deeper level. If you care to konw more, than just ask me. Get to know me in person. I'd rather be awkward and honest and get to know you than superficial and safe.

Written with You in mind,

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emmaiskool said...

Dear "Tom"-

I think that we need to do something. You're not alone. I feel the same. You do make a difference, your comment made me smile. I think that all of us are flawed, but I think it's the flaws the make us beautiful people. Keep smiling, because there are some of us - that it is what keeps us going sometimes.

Emma Marie