Sunday, December 19, 2010

Grr... Maybe I'll just shut you down.

Why are you doing this to me?
I've done everything you've asked of me.
I've given you everything you want.
I've sat here for hours trying to work this out with you.
It's like you don't even want this to work.
Are you just being selfish?
Do you just want to annoy me?
What is your problem?!
I've even left you with a little extra time.
I'll admit, I left you for a while, to see if I could make something amazing with someone else, but they wouldn't even look at what I had to offer.
I've given you 79 minuets and 57 seconds of pure bliss!
Why are you not accepting it?!
We've worked this out before, in half the time!
I know it's possible!
Maybe it's time I abandon this thought...
I was foolish to think you'd let me do this more than once...

Stupid CD burner...

Ha! You probably thought this was some psycho, anger-influenced heart break didn't you? Fooled you! :D

Or maybe I didn't fool you, because you saw the bold letters and read them first. Either way, you probably should have caught on, assuming you know I rarely express such negative feelings towards people (out loud... Hey, I'm not perfect). Anyway!

I've been trying to burn some CDs for like... 3 hours. I'm so tired of this thing. It tells me to put in a CD, I do it. I press the burn button, and it tells me to insert a CD. Again. What the (insert angry word of choice here)!!! What do you want from me?! CDs made of DIAMONDS?!

...I need a hug.



Zach said...

**virtual hug**

haha, I was reading it, and I was like "Hannah would not say this about someone... and 79 minutes is not her style. :P" So I just assumed it had to do with either homework or some computer glitch. I think I win. If not, I at least will enjoy this pop-tart.

Catie said...

haha. Zach.
I also thought it was the computer. :)
I spent like 2 hours yesterday completely organizing folders and printing off music for Pearl Harbor. Are you going?

Hannah J. said...

I am indeed going to pearl harbor! It'll be great, I'm excited!

And I'm glad you both know I am not a hater. Haha it's very comforting :)