Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Music Box

Okay this is surprisingly dark. Especially for me. But I swear! I'm a happy kid! :D I just like to run with my imagination for a bit. So, if you aren't in the mood to read something a bit spooky, I would say to not read this at this moment. But, for those of you who are interested, please read with this music in the background! -The Musicbox (song)

Closing the doors behind me,
You walk past those crowded, yet empty halls,
Filled with ghosts who weep so silently,
And await their name once again to be called.

Their very presence chills your skin,
Their gossamer fingers sweep down the column of your spine,
They induce suspicions and daunting thoughts,
As if to say you've clearly lost your mind.

You lose your sense of reality,
What was once black has now turned white,
From shadows, faces begin to form,
And follow you throughout the night.

You can no longer discern direction,
The doors are no where to be found,
Everything shifts into a blur,
and silence turns to sound.

Between the shadows now turned into light,
and the stillness- a chaotic surge of noise,
You see a familiar object in the distance,
A frail and antique toy.

It's charming cherry finish,
With features in conditions so pristine,
You open up an old music box,
To find a dancing figurine.

As you examine the fragile object,
It soon becomes quite clear,
It's gentle, haunting melody,
Intensifies your every fear.

Understanding that this was the source,
From whence this nightmare came to be,
You shut the lid with a mighty force,
And locked it with a key.

The cavernous corridors are once again tangible touch of your gentle hand,
But this must have been the burning pain to be a ghost among damned...

With Spooky Love,

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