Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Band is Hot. Legit. Awesome. etc.

Dear Fellow Bandies-

Can I just say that I thought tonight was BEASTLY?!? I was totally feeling energy tonight. Maybe it was just me, but I feel so good about all of it! The Jazz stuff was HOT and ENERGETIC. As always. The Concert band did swell! But Russian? Ohhh yeah.... I was like "BAM!! WE ARE SO HOT RIGHT NOW!!" Aahh, it just felt soo satisfying. I freakin love band. I love all my bandies. So to all of you who performed, Well done!!

And My brother came, without me asking him to! I love him dearly! I understand some people can't come or have to back out for something else, Or just flat out don't want to be there. At least some loved ones can make it. It means a lot. :'D

Yep, I'm a band nerd.

The End.

With a Melodic Love,

1 comment:

Nicole said...

Oh don't worry Hannah. I felt it too. And ain't it great?!
About the nerdiness: I'll stick with you through thick and thin :)