Sunday, December 05, 2010

Corona Del Mar

Okay so I know I had a post like... less than an hour ago, but I suddenly got over my writers block. Woot! But it isn't directly related to my previous post... blast! well enjoy anyway :)

Corona Del Mar-

On the feathery sands of Corona Del Mar,
Troubles were infrequent and pleasantly far,

Where the sky reflected the hues of our mood,
And the ocean's rhythm faithfully soothed,

Where angst and loneliness were lost at sea,
Where body and soul lined up harmoniously,

How I long ever more,
For it's amiable shore,
To breathe it's salt stained atmosphere,

To feel my feet in the sand,
To hold my heart in my hand,
And to let go of my irrational fears

While physically it stands so far,
I'll always hold Corona Del Mar in my heart.

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