Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Boys are...

There are many adjectives to describe boys. And I have have a few words to describe most of the boys I know. These boys are:

• Confusing
• Hard to read
• Admirable
• Good to talk to
• Loveable
• Generally not dramatic
• Trustworthy
• Occasionally day dream worthy
• Awkward... in a good way
• Insane
• Not over complicated
• Comforting
• Sweet
• Obnoxious
• Wonderful

Over all, I love boys. But not just any boys. I love my boys :)


Catie said...

You forgot one...


sorry, I just had to add it. :)

Hannah J. said...

Haha thanks for covering that one for me! How could I forget? :)

Steve! said...

who are your boys?

Anonymous said...

Who do you think, fag!? Guess who this is.......