Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Nachos and Berloiz

Well, here I sit with a half eaten plate of Nachos, mostly finished Chemistry homework, a couple of Christmas lights and some Berloiz playing in the background. What do I think of doing at a time like this? Updating my blog.

Dang Straight.

So to start, I have realized eating food helps you think a lot better. No joke. Even if it's Nachos. Delicious, unhealthy, nachos are better than an empty stomach. I actually had the patience to read part of my chemistry book, and I didn't want to light it on fire! It actually helped me! Go figure. (Totally random note, but I sometimes like to think my Chemistry book and my Math book are two guys fighting for my affection. The math book is always losing though. While both have an awful lot of problems, the handsome Chemistry book actually has insight to it's solutions. Unlike the dramatic math book who only makes things more dramatic and complicated. Or maybe this is all just some random thought brought on by nachos, lack of sanity, the time of day, and the type of mood I have been in all day...) So, eat nachos and feel the love.

As for the very random choice of music, I owe it all to my AP music class. It's not half bad, but I have to write a report on it. Not a fan of writing reports, but it's only 200 words. Woota! I have developed a bit of a taste for this kind of music because of the amount of it that is now forced on me, so it's relaxing.

On a completely different note, I visited my friend in the hospital today! The poor gal had her appendix taken out. But dang! I have never seen someone look so amazing while they are sitting in the hospital! She looked like a babe! Not at all like I would have expected. She was so lively for someone who just lost one of their organs. She had an awful lot of fun telling me all about the tube that is draining all the puss out of her stomach cavity. Haha she's a cutie, and a keeper for sure. So here's to you my dear!

And something that wasn't even mentioned in the random intro... I bought a little rubber ninja yesterday! He's so cute :) I enjoy him. Out of all the things I could have bought with that 25 cents, I chose him. That says something.

Well, not that this post was super important, but I hope you enjoyed it. Good night!

With love,

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Nicole said...

My cats name is Nacho. You can eat him. Just thought you should know :)