Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Teddy Bear! :D

I've decided that my teddy bear is a babe. Yes, I still have teddy bears. Don't judge. Don't hate. But you can be jealous.

He has wonderfully soft black fur, and rich brown eyes. He's big and squishy and cuddly. He's been at my side for a few years now, he always listens, and he makes a wonderful pillow. (Who needs a pillow pet when you have a legit teddy bear?) He's just awesome sauce. Despite the fact that his name has changed a few times in the past, he has never let me down!

(insert intended image of teddy bear here. Stupid card reader isn't reading anything... Technology hates me.)

On another note, I have decided that I really need to get out more. Being home is driving me crazy. For heaven sakes I'm blogging about my teddy bear. And you know you have been playing games too long when you turn off the lights and still expect to see some sort of visor control panel in the dark. (at least I beat the stupid giant rock monster... piece of junk.)

Yeah... I need my license. Or a job. Or friends who can drive.
Maybe all of the above.

With love,

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Zach said...

someone has been playing Metroid. :D